About Us

"Always be yourself... unless you suck!"

SUCK is an Italian brand founded by Harrison Nora in 2005 .
Suck was named this way because of its full-frontal attitude but also to let the customers read it their own way, this is why a lollipop was chosen as first logo.

The brand started exclusively as an online store; despite this, SUCK managed to become very popular in Italy and abroad as well.
Five years later the brand establishes its own Italian sales network thanks to the Sales Manager Alessandro Meloni who joins in the team and quickly exports the brand world-widely.

Suck! was born as a streetwear brand, supporting punk rock and hip-hop scenes as well as skate and street culture but also makes it into the street-fashion world thanks to its versatility.

Despite being a full-fledged brand, Suck is also a family which members are close friends with many interests in common and the same enthusiasm as when it all started, trying to get to each customer as a lifestyle more than a product.