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Le Rat Deck - 7.75

€64,90 EUR

"Les Rats Sont Belles" is a small drop that takes inspiration from Lacoste, a brand famous for its clean, classy and high fashion mood.
To highlight our being the opposite, we liked the idea of proposing something that recalled this context but in our way.

  • size: 7.75"
  • medium concave
  • standard popsicle shape
  • Resin-8 construction
  • eight plies of Beech tree wood
  • double insert in carbon fiber and epoxy resin
  • single deck press
  • laser engraved logo and size on top

Proudly Made in Italy

• Italy € 4,9 - FREE from € 50
• EU & UK € 8,9 - FREE from € 50
• Worldwide € 21,9 - FREE from €100

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