Behind our decks

We leave you a little behind the scenes on how our skateboard decks are born..

When we started looking for producers who would satisfy our tastes, as a first step we set ourselves to look for someone who worked on the boards with the passion with which a skater exploits them and not a factory churning out any numbers.

With amazement, we found right here in Italy, two guys who bring all the love in skateboard and we couldn't not work with them!

The first boards we produced are built from eight layers of maple alternating with two of carbon fiber, in addition we have added an epoxy resin compound that makes the board more reactive than a common board, guaranteeing incredible resistance while maintaining a nice responsiveness.

After having tested them and received several feedbacks, we decided to remove a layer of maple in future boards in order to make the board lighter and with greater pop but maintaining all the characteristics listed above.

All our boards have a medium concave and each one is pressed individually for 24 hours at a pressure of 10 tons to ensure maximum compactness.