Stay Safe

This is one of the most difficult moments that our generation is experiencing, we all hope and want that everything end soon and in the best possible way, but the real problem will be who will recover from all this shit and who will not.
The stronger companies will be able to stem their losses and will slowly recover, but for independent brands, skateshops and all the other smaller companies, everything will be much more complicated.

The local stores have always been the lifeblood of our countries and please, don't forget it right now, buy with knowledge, because buying from small shops, from small brands like our, from the record shop near home, from the only skateshop of your hamlet ... maybe, after all this is over, you'll still find them, because the risk of finding yourself alone in your country is really real.

After this premise, until things return to normal, we offer you free shipping throughout Europe, using the "FREESHIP" code at checkout.

* Shipments will be delayed from the usual delivery dates

Stay safe & support your local shops!